I am running for District 18 County Supervisor because I want to serve our community by working to solve some of Milwaukee's most pressing issues.


As a long time resident of Milwaukee's northwest side, I have watched county services steadily decrease. This includes park facilities that are falling apart, a decline in transit options throughout Milwaukee, and increased crime near and around our parks.

We need new leadership to take on these issues. 

I am committed to making change, and I hope you'll join my campaign. 


My Priorities


As your county board supervisor, one of my main objectives will be to find ways to address our aging county parks system. In the 18th district we have two of Milwaukee's gems in Dretzka and Noyes Park. Both parks need someone to champion them to state and county leaders. Whether that includes going to Madison to secure new resources or examining innovative ways to add to the county parks budget, I will work to improve our parks system.


Public safety

Right now we have a crisis when it comes to our criminal justice system. We have criminals who don't fear the rule of law and are causing chaos in our neighborhoods. We need to address our shortage of county sheriffs, which would allow some of them to patrol our parks and the neighborhoods around them. On the back end, we have individuals leaving prison with no job prospects. We must work to reform our criminal justice system so that when people exit prison they have an opportunity to turn around their life. 



As your County Board Supervisor, I will ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely. Each year taxes go up, and we hear little as to where this money is going. I will work to illuminate where your tax dollars are going and oppose needless or wasteful spending. 



Milwaukee County is facing real problems when it comes to transit. What is needed is a clear and pragmatic long-term solution. I will fight for a consistent stream of resources, such as those provided by a Regional Transit Authority. To make Milwaukee a great place to live and work, we need to be able to transport our residents effectively and efficiently. As your County Board Supervisor, I will fight to solidify our transit system.